FAQ: Single crochet blanket

*Which yarn I use with which crochet hook?

  -For beginners, when you buy the yarn ball, in the label it indicates which hook size is     recommended.

*How many chains to do for a queen/king size bed?

 -Depending on your bed size, chain as many as required and then measure it on your bed to obtain the length required.

*Can I use double crochet instead?

 -Yes, you can

*How do you change the color?

 - Make a slip knot, insert your hook at the end of the last row with you slip knot at the back of your loop, slip stitch and then chain 1.

*How long did it take me to finish my blanket?

 -With 1 hour every day, it took 2 to 3 weeks.

*Do you go on top of the stitch or in between them?

 -In between the stitch, under the V (2loops).

*How many chains did you make for the blanket in your video?

- 165 chains


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