How to fight moments of demotivation

Lately I found my self fighting demotivation and depression, I was put on hold in my work place and I didnt know what to do.
It is first schoking when you find yourself on hold when you kow you didnt do anything wrong, but also more shocking when you know that the reason you were stopped from your work wasn't as bad as you thaught.
But the most important of all was,
the first thing which came to my mind , how was I gonna pay my rent and my loan, how was I going to survive if they let me go.

I have worked in the same campany for so many years and never pictured my self in another one, I was happy, I was promoted when it was time for it and I can say I was successful.

But all of this led me to the reason I wrote this post, which is how to fight procractination and demotivation. you might be thinking what this has to do with that.

If you were ever in the same situation, the normal thing you will do is wait and wait and wait for results.

But this is wrong! waiting is killing and is not the solution to any problem.

I find my self most of the time waking up in the morning, not having any schedule or anything important to do, just waiting for the day to pass or if I have money I'll go out and spend it on shopping or food.

I started searching for reasons for this behavior online and I thought Am I moody? why do I do somethings only when I'm in good mood, if so that is so wrong because life will stop if I am not motivated and nothing from my goals or dreams will become real.

I found that the best thing to do and most helpful is :
1- plan, even if you feel that the world has come to an end, you need to plan, for your next hour, next day, next week, month or  year, whether you believe it or not , planning keeps you motivated, when you have a reason why you wake up every morning, that keeps you motivated and happy, I'm not saying that all what you plan will happen immediately, but the feeling will change you instantly .
2- Write down your plan in order of priority and ease of achievement : my daily planning as times can be as simple as when I will shower, dry my hair, read a book, watch a movie .
When you plan the smallest things and stick to them, you will be more motivated to achieve more tasks.
3-look at your plans often so you remind yourself what you need to do next and what 's great waiting for you.
I had things in my life which were just dreams and in some moments were impossible to achieve in that current situation , but now they are reality, how? Plannining and persisting, believing g that you can do it and most importantly finding all possible ways to help you achieve your goals.

Think for a second of  our world, where we live today, all of it is the result of others dreams, people just like us.

So if they were able to make their dreams reality, so why not US??

Let's believe and let's work hard for our dreams to come true :)


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