How to be happy

-Happiness is a life pursuit for everyone and everybody attributes it to something specific,
 for some is money, for others is family, success or achievements.
But can you really relate happiness to a specific situation or material things?

I'm just like anyone, have been looking for happiness since I discovered there is sadness in life, I started asking my self many questions  like anybody does,

                               why do I feel sad at times?
                               why happiness is a hard thing to get?
                               How can I be happy for ever!

Most of the time when I am self conscious, I realized that I always relate my happiness to events ( money, promotion, family celebration, personal achievement) but when there is nothing of all this happening, I'm sad, bored, nothing special!
is it right not to be happy if there is no reason for it? is the sadness taking over or must be what we feel otherwise?
That is the circle we turn around all the time without finding the way out.

I am sure that you have read the same like me when you were searching for HOW TO BE HAPPY .
However we always get different answers and there is no easy way for it, but what I have discovered during my research that happiness is

                                                          simply a state of minds 

 you decide to be happy or not to be happy, if you relate you happiness to people, that you will be struggling, because those people are also looking for the same thing and may be they relate their happiness to you unconsciously.

CHOOSE to be happy, because that's your drive in life, don't bother on the negative events around you if you have any.
We need to always remember that everything passes and nothing lasts for ever, if you are sad now, depressed, in a bad situation, remember that there is always, always light at the end of the tunnel, there is always a way out

                                                MAKE THE CHOICE

                              BE   HAPPY


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