An afternoon in Vienna

Hello to all, and welcome back if you are revisiting :)
So today, I wanted to take you with me for a short trip to Vienna, I was there for a day so I decided why not make a short video where I show you few places in Vienna and show you what I saw.

The weather is very hot but lovely, it's 39 degrees, but walking there is such a stress reliever for me, I just walked around, enjoyed the breeze and the beautiful buildings and places.
Also I ate in my favorite restaurant Nordsee, you can find all types of seafood such as sandwiches, salads, main courses, name it and it is delicious, I just love going to this place!
the city seems to be small and every thing is walking distance and you can enjoy sightseeing, shopping, food all in one place.
Have fun watching the video!
By the way, the pictures below  were from a different trip and it was almost end of winter :)

And this is the room I got in imperial renaissance Vienna.

 The hotel lobby
 and this is the way out :)

The outside of the hotel, many things are available near the hotel, like a supermarket, restaurants, tram station, bus station

 A supermarket for cosmetics and beauty stuff : BIPA
 Girls are going in......and I am going in :)

This is a musical center, walking distance from the hotel.

Entrance for the belvedere or public garden, no dogs allowed :)

Belvedere entrance

A bride photo shooting and every body is photo shooting her :D including me lol

even pigeons are enjoying the weather

 I'm following him
 Not him following me :)
 Got tired of walking so I sat down for a while

 Energy needed to walk back to the hotel : Cappuccino


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