Minimalism or just enough or is minimalism just enough

Hi lovely readers and welcome back to a now blog post.

I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts as I'm trying to implement and change my life to a better, healthier, de-cluttered one.

So I've been searching online for people who share their own experiences on how they made their life better, now when you read this you'll think this is too wide and general " to make your life better" but one idea takes you to another one and another one and another one.

For me I landed into minimalism which I had no idea before on what it is!! but I started watching videos and reading articles of people who embraced minimalism and they are happy with it.

How I came to discover minimalism?

I'm a person with a goal, I want to be financially independent by a certain age, but the way I handle money is all wrong and does not help me to achieve my goal faster.

The only way I can do it and I am doing it so far is by sending a certain amount of money( around 30./.) every month to my bank account back home ( I'm an expat), but I'm not happy with that, I want to be able to keep my money, save it and invest it where I live without having the urge  to spend it, plus my home is full of stuff that I'm not using!! clothes , shoes, books, name it.

Did you ever read somewhere, when you want to buy something,  ask your self first " do you need it?"

I did ask my self and the answer was " may be not now but I'll keep it for the future" wow!!! I end up buying again!

So,coming back to the main topic, the question now is, isn't minimalism extreme? from buying every thing I want to getting rid of everything I have then sticking to the minimum, it sounds tough to me , as it feels like a punishment, but if I have just enough of what I need that means that you got everything you need and nothing extra, for the shopping ban.

 Let's say you got rid of everything you did not wear, read, use and only leave the minimum, you'll add to that a shopping ban?!! what if something is not wearable any more, than you'll have to replace it!

Some people see minimalism as a temporary solution to achieve their goals (loan payment, buying a house.....) but what if I am looking for a life style.

 Since I read many posts about it, I started asking my self, why did I buy every thing I have, why I wasted so much money in things I don't even use? there is simply no time and no  right occasion for them!

If I can live for ever the way I live now, than it's perfect, because right now I don't feel I am depriving my self but I am living well without wasting money.

In short, I'm trying to use this differently, I already throw tons of things I never used and a lot is still gonna go to charity, however, a lot of my clothes are kept in a box, just to see whether I will need to wear them soon or not, or simply replace them with the clothes I can no longer wear instead of buying new again.

If you are in a similar situation, tell me what you have been doing to get back on track, let's share ideas!! :)


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