Let's talk about money

Hello lovely readers, and most probably crochet lovers.
Today, is not about crochet, but something which takes a big part of my life and thoughts....yes, it's money

 like many people out there, I had, have but hopefully won't have problems with money in future.
The problem is not the lack of money, but mishandling and  misusing it in things which do not last long, things which give you immediate satisfaction only!
I always thought I'm strong, in ways that I don't get influenced by ads or anything like that, but the minute I see anything interesting that I like, even though I might already have it, I have that urge to buy it, just for that feeling of satisfaction.
A few days ago, I bought a new wallet, my reason was I need a smaller one to fit only what I need, nothing extra, although I have 3 other wallets, I went and I bought it!!!! isn't that insane!
. I was never taught before how to handle money, or how I should make a budget or even how to spend it wisely.
I used to get pocket money every month which was not enough for my personal needs, but I had to manage , because if It's finished that's it, I'll have to wait till the end of the month.

May be and most probably it is the reason why I can't handle money, because up today it's the same story, once I spend all the money I have, the only thing I could do is wait till the end of the month
to start spending again.

The only solution I found so far to keep from spending, is to send my savings to an account that I can not touch ( blocked account, deposit) and spend whatever is left, I simply have no other choice but to accept the reality and believe me it's not easy!!!!
The struggle is real, but the will is there, I do get angry, upset, frustrated, happy.......all the feelings possible, but I know one thing, once I decide to do something, I am already on the way to achieve it. 

What I found challenging is the ability to keep the money without spending, I can't do that!! if I know there is money in my card, wallet or any where around me, I'll end up spending it before the 15th of the month, coz for me the month is only 15 DAYS!!!!! the other 15 I'll just manage!!
Half happy, half sad, half happy half sad, this is the case when money has control over me instead of the opposite.
This month I actually tried to track my money and write down whatever I am spending daily, but it didn't last a week until I got tired, so now what I'm doing for the left 15 days :) is spending  around 13 dollars( 50 QR)  daily and whatever is left if any :) i'll keep it in a jar till the end of the month, if it's still there by the 30th then it goes to saving and that will be the beginning of a new adventure
Will keep you guys updated with any improvement/ changes , but how about you ? how do you manage with money, what do you do to keep control, let me know :)
Bye for now!    


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