All about the crocodile

Hi girls, and guys :) and everyone who is viewing this page now.
Welcome back if you were here before, and welcome if you are a new visitor to my blog.
I hope you can find some interesting content which will bring you back every time.
So, like the title, it's all about the crocodile STITCH , I have previously posted a video on how to crochet the crocodile stitch blanket where I showed how to start the first row, recently I have update you guys with the second video to help you see how to continue on the next row.
Moreover, I posted a video on how to make the crocodile stitch shawl which I find very easy to make.
Hopefully there will be more videos to see what we can do and achieve with this stitch and ways to be creative using it.
For now, I will leave you with the videos, come back often so you can see the updates :)


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