Out and about in Doha, Qatar

Welcome back to a new post today which is totally different from the others.
It’s not about crochet but more, my first vlog where you will see my out and about in the country I live in Doha.
And slowly I’ll be posting about countries and places I travel to.
This was supposed to be done in another blog but I have decided to put all in one, Crochet and…..More, so you can see nice variety of posts without getting bored of only one thing.
So, to start with I live in Qatar, Doha and it’s been years now, my mom just came for a visit to spend the holy month of Ramadhan.
First 2 days we went to a few places mostly shopping malls and coffee shops .
I’ll be leaving the links at the end of the post if you are interested to know more about them.
Doha weather in June is 33C at night and up to 49C during the day, supposed to get  hotter in July and August and more humid. The good thing here, everywhere you go A/C is available (home, cars, shopping centers) basically every closed place.

First day we went to PAUL in Villagio mall, a French coffee shop where they have a variety of food and drinks, however we went for breakfast in the morning and this is what we ordered

My mom had an English breakfast tea with continental breakfast and for me the mus have Cappuccino the one I can't do without and also continental breakfast.
I Like Paul because of the french atmosphere, the seating, the waiters uniform , the food....
For lunch we visited a newly opened shopping Mall named the Golf mall, it's huge and only few shops and coffee shops plus restaurants are open.
We had lunch in a Turkish restaurant called KUSBASI where they had one menu including starter, soup, main meal and dessert with water all for 100 QR I think
The food was nice, but I didn't like the desserts, not very tasty.
they are having a soft start as in future they will have more choices in the menu, for now this is what's there

I was hungry and tempted that's why I forgot to take the pictures before I start eating :)
the rest you'll see it in the video.
We finished the day in the Pearl Island, my favorite place, it's a getaway from all the noise and stress, a small paradise in Doha.
We went to Caffe Vergnano 1882, I like their coffee and outside sitting, but the service for my experience is so so

See you soon.


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