How to wash yarn stash/ skein

Hello to everyone,
I'm sure I'm not the only one but most of us or some of the crocheters or knitters have this, if we can call it problem, which is the dust accumulating on your yarn when stowed.
Of course we buy a lot of yarn because we love it and we have so many projects in mind, but at times it stays for weeks or months without being used for several reasons, so before start using a new skein it's good to wash it and then start working your new project with a clean skein.
I tried this way of washing the skein and thought may be it'll be useful for others to see how it can be done.
This was before wash, it got a little dusty as I did not use it for a long time, So I put it in a lingerie bag like so:
and  I put it in the washing machine for 30 minutes after which I got this

After it dried I made a ball and kept aside, et voila!!! easy to do and keep your yarn clean.
Hope this helped you to know what to do with your dusty yarn.
Good night to all :)


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