1000 Subscribers giveaway!!!

Hello everyone,
hope you all are doing great!!!
so this is my first giveaway and I just posted a video with the stuff that I'm giving, so if you want to join and enter, watch the video and continue reading down :)
So, the first yarn lot has:
Rasberry shade, Pink, Dill (green), white, Grey+ 10 MM crochet hook, 100 ./. Acrylic
The second lot:
Pink, light blue, white, light yellow and black with 5.5 MM crochet hook (it's 25./. wool, 75./. acrylic)
To enter the giveaway, you have to be a subscriber to this channel or follow me on facebook.
You also have to comment which bunch of yarn you want, why? and what you're gonna make with it :)
The giveaway is open till 23rd of May 2015 midnight Zulu (or UTC)
All the best for all XXXXX


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