How to Crochet the granny ripple blanket Pattern

Today, you will learn how to make the granny square blanket, it is an easy and quick pattern  to use if you want to gift someone or you want to do a quick project.
Just watch the video below and follow the instructions.
Here are 2  blankets/ afghan I made using this pattern and I like how it looks, you don't have to stick to certain colors, you can mix and match and it will always give you nice results.

I hope you will try this project,



dc: double crochet
ch: chain
sp: space
Cluster: 3dc in the same chain


Chain 165, or a multiple of 18+6

*Row 1: in the 6th ch* 3dc  , skip2, 3dc in the next ch, skip2 ( 3dc,ch3,3dc) in the next ch, skip 2ch 3dc in the next ch, skip 2ch 3dc in the next ch, skip 5ch 3dc in the next chain, repeat from* till end of the row, 1dc in the last chain.

*Row2: ch4, *cluster in between the 2 previous clusters, repeat in the next space.
(3dc,ch3,3dc) in the next ch3 space, repeat* skip 5, cluster in the next space, repeat till end of the row, double crochet in the last chain.


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