How to crochet a rose/ flower || Written pattern

Hello everyone,
I'm here again to show you a new tutorial: how to crochet a rose.

It's been long since I wanted to make this video but only recently I could do it, it's a simple pattern yet very beautiful once you get the final result.

It can be used as a brooch, or to add in any other crochet project, lot's of things!


Enjoy watching!

Left handed video

Right handed video

Used yarn:

Written pattern:

slip knot

ch 55
Row 1: 1dc in the 4th ch from the hook, *ch1, skip 2ch, 1dc in the next ch, ch2, dc in the same ch. repeat*

Row2: ch3, turn, 1dc in the ch2  space, ch2, 2dc in the same space. ch2, 2dc in the next space, ch2, 2dc in the same space till end of the row, slip stitch at the end, turn.

Row 3: 7 dc in the next ch2 space, sc in the next space. repeat till the end of the row.

Fold your petals together and sew the bottom, hiding your yarn thread along.


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