Single crochet blanket 2

Hello to all again!,
It's been sometime I didn't publish any post and believe me it's not because I don't want, but time has been against me.
A lot of things happened and I just couldn't find an appropriate time to write or upload any video.
So now I decided I have to do something about it and I need to find time, here you will find another tutorial about the single crochet blanket not only that, but it shows you how you can make a simple single crochet blanket beautifully using different colors or block colors.
If you want to gift it to someone special but don't want to spend a long time crocheting, this is the best choice, or you might be a beginner and you want to start your first project, then nothing easier than this.
the video is only a demonstration, however if you want 2 make a blanket for an adult, you will need to start with 150 chains and around 6 balls to get the required length.


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