African flower crochet

One of my dearest crochet projects is the African flower crochet afghan, it looks so beautiful with any color mix and always eye catching, so I decided some time ago to learn how to do it.
And after some searches on the web I finally found how to do it and I followed this pattern here
Thanks to this lady I am able to make the beautiful African
flower crochet
These are the colors I chose and it is I think around nine colors and this was the final result

Video Tutorials:

Most of it is stitched  together however I did not get to the length required as I run out of yarn again and need to order more.
Note that with this pattern you change color with every round to get this result, you may use less colors but I don't think it will give as nice result.
Once I'm totally done with it of course I'll post the picture.
Bye for now :)

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