WIP ( work in progress)

I feel so overwhelmed these days as it's taking me very long to finish my blankets.
I have this habit I don't know if it's really bad, but I start many projects in the same time,
I am now trying to finish 3 blankets/ afghans and one more pending for enlargement, so every time I look at them I'm thinking Am I getting there soon.
And this is what I'm talking about :

this is the inside and the sad reality, when I look at this I say , oh god!!! I still have to fix this, it's gonna take even longer than the making of the blanket!!!! and I get so lazy and keep postponing.
But when I see this

 I think wowww I'm done, it looks to me neat and nice and ready, but not yet you have to look back at the details.
It's not easy when you have a job or you have to  take care of the house as no time  is left for my favorite hobby!!
If you are wondering how to make granny stripes crochet, watch this video:

I have used red heart yarn for this blanket, here is the link to it:

Enjoy, and hope you find it helpful!


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