The granny square blanket challenge

I decided few days ago that I'm gonna start a new crochet challenge, it's about how long it will take me to finish the project and it's gonna be all made of the left over yarns so it 'll be all random colors and mostly uneven and we'll see how it turns out. so I started already 15/05/2014 and this is what I did so far.

Note that I don't crochet every day due to work commitments.
I'll be adding updates  in this post with the work progress
This is where I am now with the granny square and it's the second "day" of the progress although many days have passed but I didn't crochet much,
 I'm done with the pink, now I'm going to introduce a new color of course from the left over yarn, it is 7 rows for now and I need to reach at least 30 rows, so let's see how it will look.
22/11/2014 Further more to the granny square blanket challenge, this is where I am now
Not really far right! this why it is a challenge,  as I said before it's gonna be only from the left over yarns and as you can see the left overs :)
Any way I've been crocheting some other blankets and finishing some pending projects, some of them are on sale already in my shop:
Have a look may be you like something or you get ideas, I'll show the progress of this afghan every time I advance on it, stay tuned!!!
Not much of a progress but it's getting there, I still need to have more leftover yarn to complete the rest, so it is still going on.
Are you doing something similar?!!

for left handed

for right handed


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