Tunisian bisuits/ delicacies ( Kaak)

The post for today is different then crochet, since I'm in the mood I decided to bake some biscuits/cookies and show you the steps in case you are interested in this recipe.
It's a very easy one, I learned it from my mum and I use to love when she makes them, they are simple but very tasty and they smell..........................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
I have a weakness when I cook or bake, I tend to eat every thing,
 it is right when they say food is much more delicious when you are in a good mood:).
The bad thing on the other side that I tend to eat all of it and I put on weight where as when I eat outside it's less amount of food because I don't keep visiting the kitchen every 5 minutes or less!! and so I don't have to worry about my weight.
Now let's go back to the recipe :)
The ingredients:
400gr of flour
70gr of butter
100gr of sugar( if you want sweet you can add a little more)
1 sachet baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
 after mixing all the ingredients it will be like a dough

 then I let it rest for around 20 minutes for the sugar to melt inside, I usually like to use brown sugar so it a bit harder for it to mix with the other ingredients I find.
 Shaping time, I don't know why it looked like a chicken here or may be it's my imagination !
 I separate it into small balls before the final shape

 and this is what you get at the end, of course you can shape it otherwise but I like it this way.
 and baking time has come, around 20 minutes baking and of course check if it needs more or less, sometimes it depends on the oven you are using.
 This is how it looks after its done, very tasty not very soft though or hard but it's even better if you let it sit overnight
 Of course for me best match is a coffee.
nothing beats a nice coffee, by the time I'm writing this line I already finished what ever is in this plate! no kidding, I promise.
I turned to grab one more but......
OMG no more!!
Everything was fresh today, the baking and the posting :)
I'll have to go and get some more..............
hope you try this recipe and like, just to mention I don't like to use too much sugar in my baking so you might find it not sweet enough, you can add according to your taste.
Good night to all.


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