Bobble/Bubble stitch crochet

I had a difficult time learning this stitch because I couldn't find a proper tutorial or pictures how to make it the way I wanted.
the first time I tried  to make a blanket I couldn't get it on a straight line, it was curved and very tight every time I added a bobble.
So finally I found the way how to do it the way I want , bobbles all next to each other, I just love how it looks on a blanket and it is really warm.
This is an example of a blanket I made

So here are the steps on how to do a bobble stitch
You start by making a chain of any number depending what you want to do
 Make a half double crochet on the third chain from your hook, you will then have 2 loops on your hook
 you repeat the same in the same chain 5 times
 you will end up with 6 loops on your hook

 you will then pull through all 6 loops to obtain the first bubble

and this is what you get :) 
To secure it you will make a single crochet on the next chain.

 you continue doing the same till the end of the chain
 next row will make a single crochet in every single crochet and bobble stitch
Third row you work again as second row bobble stitch/ single crochet...........
Hope this is helpful and don't hesitate to leave any questions or queries in the comments


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