Basketweave crochet stitch

Good morning to all,
Few days ago I purchased a new tablet to use for storing my pictures, internet on the go , reading books....
So I was looking for a cute cover to go with but unfortunately I couldn't find any thing I like, and then an idea came to my mind!
Why not crochet a cover for myself, that way it'll be unique and surely not available in the market ( that's the good thing about crochet :).
So I choose the basket-weave stitch to do that,

First this stitch looks very nice on any thing, one day I'd like to make a blanket with this stitch but it'll take a long time so I'm not ready for it yet, second the stitch is thick so it protects my tablet from any scratch and also it'll keep the screen clean :)
Here are the pictures of the progress and the video with the demo:


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