How to crochet slippers ( written pattern)

6DC in the 2nd chain from the hook slip stitch.

Row 1: , 2SC in each of the next stitches, slip stitch.12SC

Row 2: 1 SC in the same stitch, *2SC in the next stitch, 1SC in the next stitch# , repeat from * to#, slip stitch at the end of the row. 18SC

Row 3 till row 18 chain1, SC in every stitch.

Row 19: SC in every stitch till you are left with 4 stitches, from this point you will crochet back and forth by chaining 1 and sc in every stitch, repeat 17 times.

Closing the slipper:

From the inner side of the slipper slip stitch in every stitch till the top, fasten off.


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