How to crochet the camel stitch hat

Hi guys, girls and crochet lovers,
Today i'm sharing with you a project I wanted to do for a long time and wich i kept pending.
Finally today I started it and decided to share it with you all, hope you like and you'll try making it :)
Scroll down to find the videos both for right handed and left handed , and here  is the written pattern.

If you are right handed click here

If you are left handed click here

*Join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a circle.
*Chain2, 9 DC in the circle, slip stitch.(10)

Row1 , here where we will start the real work, if you are familiar with crocheting a hat the normal way (insert you hook in the stitch or under the V stitches) for this hat you will half double crochets in the third loop ( the one which holds the half double crochet) so you will work 2HDC in each stitch ( third loop) you will get 20 HDC.

Row2, start 1HDC in the next stitch, 2HDC in the following stitch *(1HDC,2HDC) repeat til end of the row.
It is advisable to use a stitch marker at this stage if you can't keep the count.

Row3, 1HDC in the next 2stitches, *2HDC in the next stitch, 1HDC in the next 2 stitches# . repeat from *to #.

Row4, 1HDC in the next 3 stitches, *2HDC in the next stitch, 1HDC in the next 3stitches#, repeat from *to #.

Row5, 1HDC in the next 4 stitches,*2HDC in the next stitch, 1HDC in the next 4 stitches#, repeat from *to#

Row61HDC in the next 5 stitches,*2HDC in the next stitch, 1HDC in the next 5 stitches#, repeat from *to#.

Row7 till row17 or desired length obtained , 1 HDC IN EVERY STITCH, 


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